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Project name:Triopol- Internationaler Handel von Bio-Energie-Produkten - wirtschaftliche Potentiale für Österreich
Project leader:

Olivia Koland

Project team:Olivia Koland (PostDoc: project lead, potentials in and economic consequences of international bio-energy trade for Austria)
Karl Steininger (Senior PostDoc: scientific steering commitee)
Partners:Institute of Sustainable Economic Development (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna)


Duration:Feb. 2012 - Nov. 2012



Firms and countries increasingly engage in bio-energy trade to address global pressures such as climate and land use change. This project studies the role of international trade of bio-energy products for energy and food security and international competitiveness for Austria. Therefore, a model linkage is established between a sectoral supply-model for Austrian agriculture and forestry and an economic multi-region model at the macro level. This model approach combines sectoral details with cross-sectoral and economy-wide feedbacks and is thus capable to address the impacts of international bio-energy trade on value added and employment as well as land use and environment in Austria. The models are used to assess opportunities for domestic bio-energy production and technology export in a world under global change. This study highlights the fact that designing appropriate trade policies is one way of adapting to global challenges. At the same time, considering environmental and climate factors in national and trade policies has become a necessity to remain internationally competitive. Important expected results of this study include the identification of both challenges and opportunities Austria faces in an international context. The study will conclude with implications for the design of trade policies to support Austria’s way towards a bio-based economy.


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