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The Wegener Center Verlag (WCV), the WegCenter's publisher branch for research results worked out at the WegCenter or in cooperation with the WegCenter, edits and publishes scientific project reports, Ph.D. theses and M.Sc. theses. A selection process by the programme directors and group heads in the WegCenter ensures that only quality-endorsed reports are published. The publication series of the WCV are listed and distributed according to ISBN/ISSN standards.

Currently one bi-lingual publication series is implemented, the "Wissenschaftlicher Bericht / Scientific Report" series, which contains German and Englisch written reports. The baseline is that all reports are published on-line (pdf) and found below.

Important legal advice:
Selected use of individual figures, tables or parts of text is permitted for non-commercial purposes for each WCV report, provided the report is correctly and clearly cited as the source. Publisher contact for any interests beyond such use: wegcenter(at)uni-graz.at

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Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change
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