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Economics of Climate and Environmental Change Research Group

listed in research groups

Legend: GL ... Group Head, VGL ... Vice-Group Head,
* ... scholarship
/freelancer, k ... on leave

Full Phonenumber: +43-316-380-xxxx

Gabriel Bachner, Dr. PostDoc Scientist 8454 | FP | Web
Birgit Bednar-Friedl, Prof. Senior Scientist, VGL, k 7107 | FP | Web
Stefan Borsky, Dr. PostDoc Scientist 7514 | FP| Web
Samuel Duelli, BSc. Junior Scientist* 8452
Anna Dugan, DI Scientist 7427 | FP
Michael Finus, Prof. Senior Scientist 3450 | FP
Laura Fischer, BSc. Junior Scientist 7422
Elisabeth Frei, BSc. Junior Scientist  
Christina Grinschgl, BSc. Junior Scientist 8447
Hannah Hennighausen, MSc. Scientist 7421 | FP
Vincent Heß, M.Sc. Scientist          | FP
Nina Knittel, MA Scientist 8451 | FP
Olivia Koland, Dr. Scientist          | FP
Teresa Lackner, B.A.(Econ.) Junior Scientist* 3499, 8447
Raphaela Maier, MSc. Scientist 7511
Jakob Mayer, MSc. Scientist 8457 | FP
Stefan Nabernegg, MSc. Scientist 7425 | FP
Eva Preinfalk, BSc. Junior Scientist 8466
Stefan Schleicher, Prof. Lead Scientist 7512 | FP
Annemarie Sindler, BSc. Junior Scientist *  
Karl W. Steininger, Prof. Lead Scientist, Stv. Leiter WEGC, GL 8441, 3451 | FP| Web
Andreas Türk, Mag. Senior Scientist  
Lennart Vogelsang, MSc. Scientist 7421 | FP
Keith Williges, MSc. Scientist 8419 | FP
Brigitte Wolkinger, Mag. Senior Scientist 8452 | FP


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