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Project name:Heat.AT - Climate Change Impacts on Energy Use for Space Heating and Cooling 2
Project leader:

Andreas Gobiet

Project team: Christoph Töglhofer,
Franz Prettenthaler,
Clemens Habsburg-Lothringen (JR),
Hermann Schranzhofer (TU Graz, Institut für Wärmetechnik)
Partners:IInstitute of Thermal Engineering (TU Graz)
Institute of Technology and Regional Policy (Joanneum Research)


Duration:Oct. 2007 -Sep. 2009



The project HEAT.AT investigates the impact of climate change on heating and cooling energy demand in Austria under different socio-economic scenarios. Specific reference buildings will be used to model the response of different building types to temperature changes according to the Austrian implementation of the European Building Directive (EPBD). This specific energy demand for each reference building will be combined with a regionalised database of the current building stock in Austria and heating and cooling degree days, which was generated within the project StartClim2006.F. Furthermore, a climate scenario and scenarios for the Austrian building stock considering population trends, for legal regulations, and for building technologies will be described, integrated, and analysed with respect to the impact of climate change on the demand for heating fuels and the currently predominant cooling energy carrier electricity.


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