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Peer-reviewed Publications, Book Chapters, Books

Bachner, G., N. Knittel, S. Poledna, S. HochrainerStigler, and K. Reiter
Revealing indirect risks in complex socioeconomic systems: A highly detailed multi‐model analysis of flood events in Austria
Risk Analysis, 1–15, 2023

Hoff, H., M. Ogeya, D. De Condappa, R. J. Brecha, M. A. Dahl Larsen, K. Halsnaes, S. Salack, S. Sanfo, S. Sterl, and S. Liersch
Stakeholder-guided, model-based scenarios for a climate- and water-smart electricity transition in Ghana and Burkina Faso
Energy Strategy Reviews, 49, 101149, 2023

Maier, R., A. Posch, C. Proß, S. Plakolb, and K. W. Steininger
Cutting social costs by decarbonizing passenger transport
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 122, 103878, 2023

Schirpke, U., E. Tasser, S. Borsky, M. Braun, J. Eitzinger, V. Gaube, M. Getzner, S. Glatzel, T. Gschwantner, M. Kirchner, G. Leitinger, B. Mehdi-Schulz, H. Mitter, H. Scheifinger, S. Thaler, D. Thom, and T. Thaler
Past and future impacts of land-use changes on ecosystem services in Austria
Journal of Environmental Management, 345, 118728, 2023

Vogelsang, L. G., H.-P. Weikard, J. M. van Loon-Steensma, and B. Bednar-Friedl
Assessing the cost-effectiveness of Nature-based Solutions under climate change uncertainty and learning
Water Resources and Economics, 43, 100224, 2023

Zarei, A., A. Chemura, S. Gleixner, and H. Hoff
Evaluating the grassland NPP dynamics in response to climate change in Tanzania
Ecological Indicators, 125, 107600, 2021


Selected further publications



Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change

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8010 Graz

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