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Peer-reviewed Publications, Book Chapters, Books

Abermann, J., M. Theurl, E. Frei, B. Hynek, W. Schöner, and K. W. Steininger
Too expensive to keep — bidding farewell to an iconic mountain glacier?
Reg Environ Change, 22, 51, 2022

Antoniuk, N., M. Baldzhy, and О. Perkhach
The performance potential of wind energy in Ukraine and prospects for its recovery after the war
Polityka Energetyczna – Energy Policy Journal, 25, 91–104, 2022

Bachner, G., D. Lincke, and J. Hinkel
The macroeconomic effects of adapting to high-end sea-level rise via protection and migration
Nat Commun, 13, 1–13, 2022

Bai, X., A. Bjørn, Ş. Kılkış, O. Sabag Muñoz, G. Whiteman, H. Hoff, L. Seaby Andersen, and J. Rockström
How to stop cities and companies causing planetary harm
Nature, 609, 463–466, 2022

BednarFriedl, B., N. Knittel, J. Raich, and K. M. Adams
Adaptation to transboundary climate risks in trade: Investigating actors and strategies for an emerging challenge
WIREs Climate Change, 13, 2022

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in Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Contribution of Working Group II to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, ISBN 978-1-00-932584-4, H. O. Pörtner, D. C. Roberts, M. Tignor, E. S. Poloczanska, K. Mintenbeck, A. Alegría, M. Craig, S. Langsdorf, S. Löschke, V. Möller, A. Okem, and B. Rama, Eds. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK and New York, USA, 1817–1927, 2022

Borsky, S., and H. Hennighausen
Public flood risk mitigation and the homeowner’s insurance demand response
Land Economics, 061720-0088R2, 2022

Borsky, S., and A. M. Leiter
International trade in rough diamonds and the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme
World Development, 152, 105786, 2022

Dugan, A., J. Mayer, A. Thaller, G. Bachner, and K. W. Steininger
Developing policy packages for low-carbon passenger transport: A mixed methods analysis of trade-offs and synergies
Ecological Economics, 193, 107304, 2022

Dworak, S., J. Fellner, M. Beermann, M. Häuselmann, J. Schenk, S. Michelic, J. Cejka, A. Sakic, J. Mayer, and K. W. Steininger
Stahlrecycling – Potenziale und Herausforderungen für innovatives und nachhaltiges Recycling
Österr Wasser- und Abfallw, 2022



Huber, S. T., and K. W. Steininger
Critical sustainability issues in the production of wind and solar electricity generation as well as storage facilities and possible solutions
Journal of Cleaner Production, 339, 130720, 2022

Pastor, A. V., H. Biemans, W. Franssen, D. Gerten, H. Hoff, F. Ludwig, and P. Kabat
Understanding the transgression of global and regional freshwater planetary boundaries
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A., 380, 20210294, 2022

Pörtner, H.-O., D. C. Roberts, H. Adams, I. Adelekan, C. Adler, R. Adrian, P. Aldunce, E. Ali, R. A. Begum, B. Bednar-Friedl, R. Bezner-Kerr, R. Biesbroek, J. Birkmann, K. Bowen, M. A. Caretta, J. Carnicer, E. Castellanos, T. S. Cheong, W. Chow, G. Cissé, and Z. Z. Ibrahim
Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Technical Summary
ISBN 978-1-00-932584-4, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK and New York, USA, 2022

Reiter, K., N. Knittel, G. Bachner, and S. Hochrainer-Stigler
Barriers and ways forward to climate risk management against indirect effects of natural disasters: A case study on flood risk in Austria
Climate Risk Management, 36, 100431, 2022

Schinko, T., and B. Bednar-Friedl
Fostering social learning through role-play simulations to operationalize comprehensive climate risk management: Insights from applying the RESPECT role-play in Austria
Climate Risk Management, 35, 2022

Steininger, K. W., K. Williges, L. H. Meyer, F. Maczek, and K. Riahi
Sharing the effort of the European Green Deal among countries
Nat Commun, 13, 3673, 2022

Truger, B., S. Nabernegg, T. Lackner, M. Röck, N. Alaux, E. Hoxha, M. Ruschi Mendes Saade, and A. Passer
Life cycle GHG emissions of the Austrian building stock: A combined bottom-up and top-down approach
IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci., 1078, 012024, 2022

Williges, K., L. H. Meyer, K. W. Steininger, and G. Kirchengast
Fairness critically conditions the carbon budget allocation across countries
Global Environmental Change, 74, 102481, 2022

Williges, K., W. Van der Gaast, K. de Bruyn-Szendrei, A. Tuerk, and G. Bachner
The potential for successful climate policy in National Energy and climate plans: highlighting key gaps and ways forward
Sustain Earth, 5, 1, 2022


Selected further publications

Antoniuk, N.
Analysis of the united energy system of Ukraine under the conditions of military aggression by Russia
in Contemporary problems of economic development – sustainable development, ISBN 978-83-959294-6-5, 190, 2022

Antoniuk, N.

Steininger, K., and Lackner
Die Krise als Chance für den öffentlichen Verkehr
in 130 Jahre Steiermärkische Landesbahnen. Von einer traditionsreichen Vergangenheit in eine innovative Zukunft, Graz, 122–127, 2021

Steininger, K. W., and R. Lackner
Die ökonomische Perspektive
in Medizin im Klimawandel. Ein Leitfaden für die Praxis, Wien, 24–27, 2022


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