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Peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, books

Bachner, G., and B. Bednar-Friedl
The Effects of Climate Change Impacts on Public Budgets and Implications of Fiscal Counterbalancing Instruments
Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 1-22, 2018

Bachner, G., K. W. Steininger, K. Williges, and A. Tuerk
The economy-wide effects of large-scale renewable electricity expansion in Europe: the role of integration costs
Renewable Energy, 2018

Bachner, G., B. Wolkinger, J. Mayer, A. Tuerk, and K. W. Steininger
Risk assessment of the low-carbon transition of Austria’s steel and electricity sectors
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, 2018

Borsky, S., and K. Kalkschmied
Corruption in Space: A closer look at the world’s subnations
Graz Economic Papers, 2018–18, 2018

Borsky, S., A. Leiter, and M. Pfaffermayr
Product quality and sustainability: The effect of international environmental agreements on bilateral trade
The World Economy, 2018

López Prol, J.
Regulation, profitability and diffusion of photovoltaic grid-connected systems: A comparative analysis of Germany and Spain
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 91, 1170–1181, 2018

Parchomenko, A., and S. Borsky
Identifying phosphorus hot spots: A spatial analysis of the phosphorus balance as a result of manure application
Journal of Environmental Management, 214, 137–148, 2018

Seebauer, S., S. Ortner, P. Babcicky, and T. Thaler
Bottom-up citizen initiatives as emergent actors in flood risk management: Mapping roles, relations and limitations
Journal of Flood Risk Management, e12468, 2018

Steininger, K. W., P. Munoz, J. Karstensen, G. P. Peters, R. Strohmaier, and E. Velázquez
Austria’s consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions: Identifying sectoral sources and destinations
Global Environmental Change, 48, 226–242, 2018

Unterberger, C., L. Brunner, S. Nabernegg, K. W. Steininger, A. K. Steiner, E. Stabentheiner, S. Monschein, and H. Truhetz
Spring frost risk for regional apple production under a warmer climate
PLOS ONE, 13, e0200201, 2018

Wolkinger, B., W. Haas, G. Bachner, U. Weisz, K. W. Steininger, H.-P. Hutter, J. Delcour, R. Griebler, B. Mittelbach, P. Maier, and R. Reifeltshammer
Evaluating Health Co-Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation in Urban Mobility
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15, 880, 2018


Selected further publications

Borsky, S., and C. Unterberger
Bad Weather and Flight Delays The Impact of Sudden and Slow Onset Weather Events
Graz Economic Papers, 2018–13, 2018

Schleicher, S., and K. W. Steininger
Dekarbonisierung und Carbon Management für Österreich, Diskussionsbeiträge für Strategien
Wegener Center Scientific Reports, 79–2018, 2018

Research Group Leaders

Univ. -Prof. Dr.

Karl W. Steininger

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8441
Fax:+43 316 380 - 9830

Assoz. Prof. Dr.

Birgit Bednar-Friedl

Phone:+43 316 380 - 7107

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