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Project name:RELOCATE - Relocation of flood-prone households in the Eferding basin: Accompanying research on social impacts
Project leader:Philipp Babcicky
Project team: Sebastian Seebauer (PostDoc),
Philipp Babcicky (PhD Student)


StartClim 2015
Duration:Aug. 2015 - May 2016



Discussions around planned relocation of flood-prone households as an alternative to conventional flood protection have increased significantly in the recent years. However, empirical research on the long-term social impacts of relocations is surprisingly fragmented and rare. Semi-standardized interviews with affected households assess individual decision processes and opinion formation, experienced fairness as well as social network structures. RELOCATE identifies supporting and hindering factors in flood relocations, and makes practical experiences from the Eferding basin available to other Austrian regions. Moreover, the project establishes the starting data for a subsequent ACRP project, which shall accompany the affected households in the coming years in longitudinal analyses.


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