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Project name:

REBOOST - A Boost for Rural Lignite Regions
Project leader: Ilona Otto, Univ. Graz
Project team:

Annechien Hoeben, Franziska Stölzel


Climate-KIC Holding BV
Climate-KIC GmbH
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany
Stowarzyszenie Centrum Rozwiazan Systemowych, Poland
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany
Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAT), Romania
E3G Germany


EIT Climate KIC


2020 –  2022


“A Boost for Rural Lignite Regions” aims to support stakeholders in three European lignite regions (Lusatia in Germany, Konin in Poland, and Gorj in Romania) in the transition from the current high economic dependence on lignite to a low-carbon future. The three regions share some characteristics that make the transition process difficult, including economic downturn, aging populations, lack of job opportunities, and weak stakeholder cooperation. However, the regions differ with respect to the availability of political support from governments and funding for the transition process. We will use strategic simulation techniques to involve and empower local stakeholders in the design and exploration of alternative future pathways in an interactive environment that will resemble the main socio-economic and geographical characteristics of the actual regions. The results of the simulations will be shared using an online plattorm what will stimulate mutual learning and innovation diffusion across the three regions. This exercise will also promote reskilling and formation of stakeholder coalitions for regional transformations. Where possible, the project will support the actual implementation of alternative and promising solutions to lignite-fired power generation. Building on the outcomes, promising follow up actions will be implemented with the potential to feed into a Deep Demonstration Just Transformations.
Complementary approaches including deep listening techniques and economic assessment methods will be used to fully explore the stand points, needs, and preferences of different stakeholder groups and to assess the future alternatives to lignite-fired power generation and implications for changes in the local economy and labour market. Finally, the project will explore the opportunities for increased engagement with the EU political processes and funding possibilities.

REBOOST Flyer English

REBOOST Flyer Polish

REBOOST Flyer Romanian


Policy Brief Lusatia

Policy Brief Konin

Policy Brief Gorj

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Ilona M. Otto

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8464

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