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Peer-reviewed Publications

Angerer, B., F. Ladstädter, B. Scherllin-Pirscher, M. Schwärz, A. K. Steiner, U. Foelsche, and G. Kirchengast
Quality aspects of the Wegener Center multi-satellite GPS radio occultation record OPSv5.6
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 4845–4863, 2017

Biondi, R., A. K. Steiner, G. Kirchengast, H. Brenot, and T. Rieckh
Supporting the detection and monitoring of volcanic clouds: A promising new application of Global Navigation Satellite System radio occultation
Adv. Space Res., 60, 2707–2722, 2017

Brunner, L., and A. K. Steiner
A global perspective on atmospheric blocking using GPS radio occultation – one decade of observations
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 4727–4745, 2017

Brunner, L., G. C. Hegerl, and A. K. Steiner
Connecting atmospheric blocking to European temperature extremes in spring
J. Climate, 30, 585–594, 2017

Liu, C. L., G. Kirchengast, S. Syndergaard, E. R. Kursinski, Y. Q. Sun, W. H. Bai, and Q. F. Du
A review of low Earth orbit occultation using microwave and infrared-laser signals for monitoring the atmosphere and climate
Adv. Space Res., 60, 2776–2811, 2017

Nehrir, A. R., C. Kiemle, M. D. Lebsock, G. Kirchengast, S. A. Buehler, U. Löhnert, C.-L. Liu, P. C. Hargrave, M. Barrera-Verdejo, and D. M. Winker
Emerging Technologies and Synergies for Airborne and Space-Based Measurements of Water Vapor Profiles
Surv. Geophys., 38, 1445–1482, 2017

O, S., U. Foelsche, G. Kirchengast, J. Fuchsberger, J. Tan, and W. A. Petersen
Evaluation of GPM IMERG Early, Late, and Final rainfall estimates using WegenerNet gauge data in southeastern Austria
Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 21, 6559–6572, 2017

Pincus, R., A. Beljaars, S. A. Buehler, G. Kirchengast, F. Ladstädter, and J. S. Whitaker
The Representation of Tropospheric Water Vapor Over Low-Latitude Oceans in (Re-)analysis: Errors, Impacts, and the Ability to Exploit Current and Prospective Observations
Surv. Geophys., 38, 1399–1423, 2017

Rieckh, T., R. Anthes, W. Randel, S.-P. Ho, and U. Foelsche
Tropospheric dry layers in the tropical western Pacific: comparisons of GPS radio occultation with multiple data sets
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 10, 1093–1110, 2017

Scherllin-Pirscher, B., A. K. Steiner, G. Kirchengast, M. Schwärz, and S. S. Leroy
The power of vertical geolocation of atmospheric profiles from GNSS radio occultation
J. Geophys. Res.-Atmos., 122, 1595–1616, 2017

Scherllin-Pirscher, B., W. J. Randel, and J. Kim
Tropical temperature variability and Kelvin wave activity in the UTLS from GPS RO measurements
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 17, 793–806, 2017
Paper data (note, 88 MB!)

Schlager, C., G. Kirchengast, and J. Fuchsberger
Generation of high-resolution wind fields from the WegenerNet dense meteorological station network in southeastern Austria
Wea. Forecast., 32, 1301–1319, 2017

Schwarz, J., G. Kirchengast, and M. Schwaerz
Integrating uncertainty propagation in GNSS radio occultation retrieval: From bending angle to dry-air atmospheric profiles
Earth Space Sci., 4, 200–228, 2017

Selected Further Publications and Reports

Ebner, S.
Analysis and Homogenization of WegenerNet Temperature and Humidity Data and Quality Evaluation for Climate Trend Studies
Wegener Center Verlag, Graz, Austria, Scientific Report No. 70-2017,
ISBN 978-3-9503918-9-3, 2017

Foelsche, U., S. Healy, and A. Mannucci
Report of IROWG activities: Outcome and Recommendations from the IROWG 5
Working Papers for CGMS-45, Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites (Hrsg.), Darmstadt: EUMETSAT, 2017

Foelsche, U., S. Healy, A. Mannucci, and IROWG members
Summary of the Fifth International Radio Occultation Workshop
irowg.org, 2017

Fuchsberger, J., G. Kirchengast, C. Bichler, T. Kabas, G. Lenz, and A. Leuprecht
The new WegenerNet Web Portal - A Gateway to over 10 Years of High-resolution Weather and Climate Data
in Proc. 18. Österr. Klimatag, 166–167, Vienna, Austria, 2017

Kirchengast, G., V. Madner, E. Schulev-Steindl, K. Steininger, B. Hollaus, and M. Karl
Flughafen Wien: Untersagung der dritten Piste durch das BVwG---Besprechung zu BVwG 2.2.2017, W109 2000179–1 (Vienna airport: third landing strip denied by Federal Administrative Court---Discussion of the Court’s decision; in German)
Recht der Umwelt, 03/17, 121–131, 2017

Kirchengast, G., V. Madner, E. Schulev-Steindl, K. Steininger, B. Hollaus, and M. Karl
Flughafen Wien: VfGH behebt Untersagung der dritten Piste durch das BVwG wegen Willkür---Besprechung zu VfGH 29.6.2017 E 875/2017-32, E 886/2017-31 (Vienna airport: Constitutional Court repeals the third landing strip denial by the Federal Administrative Court---Discussion of the Court’s decision; in German)
Recht der Umwelt, 06/17, 252–261, 2017

Kirchengast, G., J. Fuchsberger, T. Kabas, C. Bichler, and U. Foelsche
WegenerNet Klimastationsnetz Feldbachregion: 10 Jahre hochauflösende Wetter- und Klimadaten
Wasserland Steiermark, 2/2017, 14–19, Nov. 2017

Scheidl, D., J. Fuchsberger, and G. Kirchengast
Analysis of the Quality of WegenerNet Humidity Data and Improvements
Wegener Center Verlag, Graz, Austria, Scientific Report No. 74-2017, ISBN 978-3-9504501-2-5, 2017

Schröer, K., and M. Tye
Understanding the risk from small scale precipitation extremes using damage data
in Proc. 18. Österr. Klimatag, 84–85, Vienna, Austria, 2017

Research Group Leaders

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Gottfried Kirchengast

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8431

Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Andrea Steiner

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8432

Assoz. Prof. Dr.

Ulrich Foelsche

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8590

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