Climate services in agriculture

Wegener Center Common Space
11:00 - 12:00
Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change

Agriculture is one of the most vulnerable sectors to weather and climate impacts. The sector is increasingly making use of tailored weather and climate data and information products, which are called climate services. Better use of agrometeorological information allows informed decision-making for proper planning and implementation of agricultural technologies and strategies to cope with climate variability and change. Climate services development is inherently interdisciplinary, as it requires meteorological and climatological expertise, as well as agronomy, animal science, information technology, economics, and social science. Different temporal scales of climate information can be used for decisions by agricultural stakeholders. Weather forecasts and seasonal forecasts assist farmers to improve on-farm practices, while climate change projections facilitate long-term policies and investment plans in the sector. FAO is promoting seamless climate services across time and spatial scales for all actors in the agri-food value chain. The seminar will discuss the potential of agricultural climate services while exploring opportunities for the academic community to engage in the endeavor.

Online talk by Hideki Kanamaru
Moderation: Aditya Mishra

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