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WegenerNet Leader

WegenerNet Deputy Leader

Project Scientist, Senior S/W Engineer
WegenerNet Processing System and Data Portal

Research Data Scientist
WegenerNet 3D Laboratory and Data Analysis

Field Coordinator, Engineer
Measuring Technology and Maintenance of Stations

Senior Project Manager & Scientific Engineer

R&D Support Scientist
WegenerNet Field & Processing Support


Further Team Members/Team Partners:

Alois Neuwirth (WegenerNet field maintenance support)
Albert Neuwirth (WegenerNet field maintenance support)
Andreas Pilz, Ing. (Support measuring technology and sensor systems)
Heimo Truhetz, Dr. (Support GIS, Advice wind data products)
Stephanie Haas, Dipl.-Ing. (PhD thesis, WegenerNet & weather extremes)
Lorenz Kaufmann (MSc thesis, WegenerNet precipitation data)

Previous Team Members/Team Partners:

Severin Lueps, BSc. MSc. (2021-2022)
Thomas Hocking, MSc. (2021-2022)
Dr. Christoph Schlager (2015-2019)
Dr. Thomas Kabas (2006-2019)
DI Gunther Lenz (2015-2017)
Hr. Daniel Lieb (2016)
Katalin Szebérenyi MSc. (2013-2014)
Dr. Armin Leuprecht (2006-2012)
Hr. Richard Gsöls (bis 2012)
Hr. Christoph Stieb (2008-2009)
Hr. Anil Bakirci (2008-2009)
Mag. Sophia Binder (2005-2008)
Hr. Stefan Ulrich (2007)
Hr. Rok Bratusa (2006)
Hr. Roland Gfrerer (2006)
Hr. Wolfgang Gfrerer (2006)
Hr. Markus Prassl (2006)


Leader Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gottfried Kirchengast Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8431
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9830

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