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Peer-reviewed publications

Knevels, R., H. Petschko, H. Proske, P. Leopold, A. N. Mishra, D. Maraun, and A. Brenning
Assessing uncertainties in landslide susceptibility predictions in a changing environment (Styrian Basin, Austria)
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 23, 205–229, 2023

Mishra, A. N., D. Maraun, R. Knevels, H. Truhetz, A. Brenning, and H. Proske
Climate change amplified the 2009 extreme landslide event in Austria
Climatic Change, 176, 124, 2023

Truhetz, H., and A. N. Mishra
Soil moisture precipitation feedbacks in the Eastern European Alpine region in convection‐permitting climate simulations
Intl Journal of Climatology, Early View, 2023


Selected Further Publications and Reports

Maraun, D.
The Challenge of Providing Information About Regional Climate Change
in Shaping Tomorrow Today – SDGs from multiple perspectives, 39, ISBN 978-3-658-38318-3, S. Hummel, P. Assinger, C. Bauer, T. Brudermann, A. Jany, M. W. Jury, R. Rauter, and M. van Poppel, Eds. Springer VS Wiesbaden, 2023


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