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Year 2020

Peer-reviewed Publications, Book Chapters, Books

Hennighausen, H., and J. F. Suter
Flood Risk Perception in the Housing Market and the Impact of a Major Flood Event
Land Economics, 96, 366–383, 2020

Faehn, T., G. Bachner, R. Beach, J. Chateau, S. Fujimori, M. Ghosh, M. Hamdi-Cherif, E. Lanzi, S. Paltsev, T. Vandyck, B. Cunha, R. Garaffa, and K. Steininger
Capturing key energy and emission trends in CGE models: Assessment of Status and Remaining Challenges
Journal of Global Economic Analysis, 5, 196–272, 2020

Knittel, N., M. Jury, B. Bednar-Friedl, G. Bachner, and A. Steiner
A global analysis of heat-related labour productivity losses under climate change—implications for Germany’s foreign trade
Climatic Change, forthcoming, 2020


Selected further publications


Borsky, S., and H. Hennighausen
Public flood risk mitigation and the homeowner’s insurance demand response
Graz Economic Papers, 2020–09, 2020

Borsky, S., H. Hennighausen, A. Leiter, and K. Williges
CITES and the Zoonotic Disease Content in International Wildlife Trade
Graz Economic Papers, 2020–12, 2020

Borsky, S.
Internationaler Handel, Klimapolitik und Carbon Leakage
FIW Policy Brief, 45, 2020



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