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Support Partners


University of Graz
(Support of measuring and IT infrastructure, basic infrastructure by use of Uni-Infrastruktur III funds of the bm:bwk 2005/06, 2006-2012 in particular funds from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, since 2013 from the Faculty of Environmental and Regional Sciences and Education; staff; affiliation of WegCenter)

Styrian Government
(Support of pilot project and demonstration phase WegenerNet 2006-2011, mainly of staff costs, by Dept.A3-Science and Research and FA17C-Technical Environmental Control, contrib. also by FA19A-Water Management, in pilot project to end 2007 also co-support by use of EU-EFRE funds; as of 2012 support mainly of infrastructure maintenance and network operations by Dept.A15-Energy, Housing, Technology/Climate Coordination Office, contrib. also by Dept.A14-Water Management, Resources and Sustainability)

Ich tu's - Energie und Klimaschutz
(Climate protection and clean energy initiative of the Styrian government)

City of Graz - Culture+Business - Universities
(Co-support mainly of staff for setup and operations; from project funds "Climate and environmental change in Styria: focus regions Graz und South-Eastern Styria")

Wegener Center GeoPartners - Department of Geography and Regional Science
(Support station selection, regional climatology, and GIS data in the construction phase 2005-2008; afterwards cooperation in data usage and especially within the context of the research platform Johnsbachtal)

ZAMG Styria - ZAMG Vienna
(Support station selection, regional climatology, back infos quality control systems in the construction phase 2005-2008; afterwards cooperation in data usage, the interface to users, and within the context of the WegenerNet Johnsbachtal)

Agrarunion Südost - Lagerhaus
(Support of station infrastructure, Coordination within the region)

Steirische Hagelabwehrgenossenschaft
(Support of weather radar data 2006-2011)

University of Munich - Reserach group Sferics/Dept. f. Physik
(Support with WegenerNet lightning detection, LiNet stations in the construction phase 2005-2007)

Land- und forstwirtschaftliche Fachschule Hatzendorf and Fachschule für OBST-Wirtschaft und EDV- Technik Wetzawinkel
(Support installation of station infrastructure 2005-2006)

Joanneum Research - Resources - Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainability
(Support station selection of Basis Special Stations for soil measurements, regional hydrology 2005-2006)


Leader Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gottfried Kirchengast Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8431
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9830

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