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Project name: IMOS-U Pilotprojekt -Integriertes Modellsystem Steiermark-Umwelt:
Pilotprojekt Integrierte Wetter-Klima-Luftgüte-Land-Hydrologie-Modellierung
Project leader:Andreas Gobiet (Uni Graz)
Project team:

Heimo Truhetz (Doktorand:PostDoc: Dynamical Downscaling)
Georg Heinrich (Doktorand: Modell Coupling)
Armin Leuprecht (PostDoc: Modell Coupling)
Martin Steiner (Masterstudent: Dynamical Downscaling)
Gottfried Kirchengast (senior support)

Partners:Wegen Center, Uni Graz, Physical Geography and Regional Climate Research Partners
Joanneum Research Graz, Institut für Wasserressourcenmanagement
TU Graz, Bereich Verkehr u. Umwelt, Inst. f. Verbrennungskraftmaschinen und Thermodynamik
Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG), Regionalstelle Steiermark, Graz


Land Steiermark (FA17C)

Duration:Feb. 2009 - Jun. 2010



The pilot project IMOS-U aims at integrated weather-climate-air quality-land-hydrology-modeling of the region Styria (focus regions: Graz and Feldbach) in the context of the surrounding greater Alpine Region.
The project team, consisting of departments of the UniGraz, JR Graz, TU Graz and ZAMG Steiermark are aiming for the following major objective:

Development of an integrated, consistent climate- and environment-modelsystem for use in observation, diagnostics and forecasting of changes in climate, air quality, landuse and landcover, and water availabilty and –quality, including of weather-, climate-, air quality- and hydrological extremes, in the region Styria with a high spatial resoulution (10 m to 1 km scale). This model will enable to consistently describe the local impacts of climate- and environmental changes. By interfacing separate models, impacts of import feedback-effects  between the individual subsystems can be captured.


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