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CC-Snow II

Project name:CC-Snow II- Effects of Climate Change on Future Snow Conditions in Tyrol and Styria
Project leader:Ulrich Strasser (Co-ordinator, Institute of Geography, University of Graz)
Andreas Gobiet (Wegener Center, ReLoClim-Researchgroup)
Karl Steininger (Wegener Center, EconClim-Researchgroup )
Project team:Wilcke Renate Anna Irma (PhD Student: Statistical Downscaling and Error Correction)
Armin Leuprecht (Senior PostDoc: Statistical Downscaling)
Michaela Trummer (Master Student: Statistical Downscaling and Data Analysis)
Partners:Institute of Geography, University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Dr. Hannes Kleindienst, GRID-IT, Innsbruck (Austria)


Duration:Jan. 2011 - Jun. 2012



CC-Snow II is the follow-up project of CC-Snow I that has been approved in the 1st ACRP call (duration 1.1.2010-30.6.2011). As winter tourism in the two provinces of Tyrol and Styria is highly dependent on the resource snow (naturally and/or technically produced), the results of CC-Snow I provide the basis for the detailed assessment of the impacts of climate change on the supply side of
winter tourism in terms of increasing costs and shorter ski seasons. However, the high spatial resolution of the results fosters for a more detailed analysis of the demand side of winter tourism in terms of:a) spatial shifts (demand shift to a more snow reliable destination) as well as b) temporal shifts (demand shift to more snow reliable periods) of vacation trips.
The main intention of CC-Snow II is to assess the potential economic impacts of climate change on winter tourism for all skiing destinations in Tyrol and Styria, to quantify the associated microeconomic risks in detail for these regions and to investigate potential differences of stakeholder reactions across different types of tourism destinations, concentrating on the core-periphery interactions of Kitzbühel as well as Schladming.


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