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Project name:

AutRES100 - Highly resolved modeling of the power system with a high share of renewables

Project leader:

Gerhard Totschnig (Technical University of Vienna, overall project coordination)
Andreas Gobiet (University of Graz)

Project team:Andreas Gobiet (Senior PostDoc: project lead ReLoClim)
Heimo Truhetz (PostDoc: project management and scientific advisor in model development)
Thomas Mendlik (Scientist: data analysis)
Katrin Lisa Kapper (Junior Scientist: data analysis)
Partners:Technical University of Vienna - Energy Economics Group (EEG - Institute of Power Systems and Energy Economics
Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG)
VERBUND-Austrian Hydro Power AG


Duration:Apr. 2010 - Jun. 2012



The aim of the project is to give realistic answers to the question of cost-efficient integration of a high share of intermittent renewables inte the power system. For this purpose a highly resolved power system investment planning and supply security optimization model is developed. With the model feasible ways to achieve a 100 % renewable power supply for Austria are investigated.
The analyzed questions are: technological and economical provision of balancing power, power system stability, optimal adaptation of historically grown power plant portfolios, the future role of (pumped) storage options, future intelligent demand response options, grid extensions, the European interconnection system and climate change effects on the power system.
On the modeling side the focus is on the detailed temporally and spatially highly resolved modeling of the variable renewables, of the power plant operation, of future flexible demand side options (e-mobility, heating, cooling) and of the transmission grid (DC-load flow). Investments and supply security are optimized endogenously in the model. Policy relevant recommendations especially for Austria are provided.


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