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Project name:ARNICA - Assessment of Risks on transportation Networks resulting from
slope instabilityand Climate change in the Alps
Project leader:Andreas Gobiet  (Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz)
Project team:Andreas Gobiet (Senior PostDoc: project lead ReLoClim, regional climate scenarios)
Matthias Themeßl (PostDoc Scientist: statistical downscaling and error correction of RCMs)
Satyanarayana Tani (Scientist: datamanagement, enhancement of methods for empirical statistical downsacling and error correction for extremes)
Nauman Awan (Scientist: dynamical downscaling, analysis of extreme precipitation)
Partners:Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Meudon, France
Laboratory of Dendrogeomorphology, University of Bern, Switzerland
University of Padua, Italy


Federal Ministry of Science and Research, Circle Mountain Call
Duration:Feb. 2011 - Jul. 2013



The ARNICA project focuses on a probabilistic assessment of slope hazards related to debris flows and landslides and their impacts on transportation networks in the context of future climatic change. We will tackle this issue through 5 work packages that focus on current and future climate scenarios, their impacts on the occurrence (frequency), run-out and spread of debris flows and landslides in three vulnerable Alpine regions located in France, Italy, and Switzerland, and a quantification of their consequences on national and trans-border transportation corridors from various hypotheses of frequentations by cars and trains or interruption of transportation corridors at the regional level. New approaches adapted to the operational needs of local and regional authorities and facilitated solutions for end-users will be proposed. This project involves four partners with different specialties including geomorphology, risk assessment, hydrometeorology and climate modeling.


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