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Regional Climate Projects

Current projects of the Regional Climate research group

  • HighResMountains - Mountain weather in high-resolution climate data: How will the new generation of ÖKS benefit from new emerging datasets?
  • CHIANTI - Combining High resolutIon GCMS And coNvection permiTting downscalIng - a new approach to improve the representation of severe future weather
  • SPIRIT - Supporting climate service Providers by dIstilling infoRmation about future precIpitation exTremes
  • INTERACT - Interactions across scales shaping frontal weather extremes in a changing climate
  • CHC-FloodS - Coupled hydrological – climate modelling of floods at small and medium scales in Styria
  • CE:LLO - Compound Events: muLtivariate statisticaL mOdelling (Volkswagenstiftung)
  • ClimCatch - Impact of climate change on the sediment yield of alpine catchments
  • DEUCALION II - Determination of past and future meteorological trigger conditions of torrential processes at different temporal and spatial scales
  • EASICLIM - Eastern Alpine Slope Instabilities under Climate Change
  • ERA4CS - European Research Area for Climate Services
  • HighEnd:Extremes - The Future of Extreme Precipitation Events in the Alpine Region under High End Climate Change Conditions
  • NHCM-2 - Non-Hydrostatic Climate Modelling, Part II
  • R.Ice - Risk analysis for the impact of ice accretion at wind turbines
  • STARC-Impact - Supporting the Austrian Research Community in using recent Climate Change Projections for Climate Impact Studies
  • UNCOMMUN - Understanding contrasts in high mountain hydrology in Asia
  • Zukunft Biene - TP WegC



Assoz. Prof. Dr. Douglas Maraun Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 8448
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 - 9830

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