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Project name:TRIPLE-C- Climate Change Collaboratory
Project leader:Anton Scharl (Co-ordinator, Modul University Vienna)
Project team: Karl Steininger (Senior PostDoc: Project lead)
Sebastian Seebauer (PhD Student: Survey on climate change knowledge)
Angelika Kufleitner (PhD Student: Survey on climate change knowledge)
Partners:Department of New Media Technology (MODUL University Vienna)
Research Institute for Computational Methods (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)
The Club of Rome (European Support Center)


Duration:Mär. 2010 - Aug. 2012



The Climate Change Collaboratory aims to strengthen the relations between Austrian scientists, policy makers, educators, environmental NGOs, news media and corporations - stakeholders who recognize the need for adaptation and mitigation, but differ in worldviews, goals and agendas. The collaboratory manages expert knowledge and provides a platform for effective communication and collaboration. It assists networking with leading international organizations, bridges the science-policy gap and promotes rich, selfsustaining community interaction to translate knowledge into coordinated action. Innovative survey instruments in the tradition of “games with a purpose” will create shared meaning through collaborative ontology building and leverage social networking platforms to capture indicators of environmental attitudes, lifestyles and behaviors.




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