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Project name:STERN.AT - Integrated Modeling of the Economy under Climate Change in Application of the Stern Review
Project leader:

Karl Steininger

Project team:Andreas Gobiet
Olivia Koland
Andreas Türk
Partners:Joanneum Research, Institute of Technology and Regional Policy


Federal Environmental Agency



The STERN-Review is the first major effort to comprehensively quantify the impacts of climate change in monetary terms (impacts and adaptation) and to relate them to the cost of possible scenarios of mitigation. All these aspects are characterized by strong local and regional characteristics. In order to be able to do such an analysis for Austria, the proposed project will develop an adequate and consistent model – here for one example study region (Eastern Styria) and for the economic sectors agriculture, energy and tourism. It is also the objective of this project to explore the steps required to later broaden the analysis for the whole Austrian territory and its full economy.


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