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StartClim 2006.F

Project name:StartClim 2006.F - Impact of Climate Change on Heating and Cooling Energy Demand in Austria
Project leader:

Franz Prettenthaler

Project team:Andreas Gobiet
Heimo Truhetz
Andreas Türk
Christoph Töglhoferk
Partners:University of Vienna, Dept. of Meteorology
Joanneum research, Institute of Technology and Regional Developmentr
Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change



Sep. 2006 - Aug. 2007



In this project we investigate the impact of climate change on heating and cooling degree-days for Austria on a regional basis.

Based on a climatology of the Alps with high temporal and spatial resolution and a climate change scenario for the 2040s, the expected change in degree-days can be calculated for all over the country. This enables us to combine this data with socio-economic data: The relevancy of degree-day changes for the future energy demand will be investigated in combination with population density, population growth and building structure.

In addition to an examination of the changes in degree-days, weighted with socio-economic data, a detailed comparison of three chosen regions with different climatic backgrounds will be done regarding seasonality, length and intensity of heating and cooling periods.


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