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Project name:RESHAPE – Reshaping institutions and processes in the transition towards renewable energy: Lessons from bottom-up initiatives
Project leader:Sebastian Seebauer, Project Co-ordinator: Alfred Posch, University of Graz, ISIS,)
Project team: Sebastian Seebauer (PostDoc: Actor analysis)
Partners:Institute of Systems Sciences, Innovation and Sustainability Research, ISIS (UNI Graz), Alfred Posch, Eva Fleiß, Martin Kislinger;
Sociological Research Institute (University of Göttingen), Rüdiger Mautz


This project is sponsored by the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds in the frame of the "ACRP"-program ACRP 5th call
Duration:Mar. 2013 - Feb. 2015


This project will provide comprehensive understanding how Austrian bottom-up initiatives function and how institutions and processes can be reshaped to systematically tap the full potential of bottom-up initiatives for the transition towards a carbon neutral and adaptive society. This will be achieved by integrating empirical research with modelling and by reflecting the Austrian situation with experiences in Germany. The results will be crucial for optimizing the inclusion of bottom-up initiatives in an overall renewable energy strategy for Austria.


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