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Project name:Re-Invent - Re-inventing prevention? - An analysis and evaluation of approaches and tools for flood and heavy precipitation self provision and private prevention
Project leader:Philipp Babcicky (Teilprojektleitung Uni Graz)
Project team: Philipp Babcicky (PhD Student), Sebastian Seebauer (PostDoc)
Partners:Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences; Regional Firebrigade Association of Vorarlberg; Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz


StartClim 2015
Duration:Aug. 2015 - May 2016



In the last decade the handling of many floods and heavy rain events has shown up optimization potential for reducing damages and adverse effects in Austria and Europe. While physical flood protection, spatial planning and public disaster management are adapting to a cumulation of these events, self-provision has received only punctual attention in Austria to date. The project collects different methods and approaches - national as well as international - focusing on German-speaking areas. Based on this, best-practice examples and recommendations, which are realizable within the prevailing legislative and organizational framework, are defined at national, regional and local level in Austria. Methodically, the project RE-invent relies on an literature- and online inquiry, workshops with decision makers, evaluation of approaches and finally on results of opinion polls of already consulted population in Vorarlberg.

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