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Project name:M2Lab - Multi-Meter Lab: Optimierung des CO2 Fußabdrucks durch soziales Feedback 
Project leader:Sebastian Seebauer (Project Co-ordinator: Axtesys OG)
Project team:Sebastian Seebauer (Postdoc: Evaluation of impacts on user behaviour),
Angelika Wolf (PhD Student: Evaluation of impacts on user behaviour)
Partners:Axtesys OG
verkehrplus Gmbh
easyMOBIZ mobile IT solutions GmbH
Graz University of Technology, Institute for Process and Particle Engineering


This project is sponsored by the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds in the frame of the "Neue Energien 2020"-program

Neue Energien 2020 5th call

Duration:Apr. 2012 - Jun. 2014



M2Lab is a project to evaluate innovative approaches for individual power saving.  Power consumption for mobility, nutrition and habitation is captured in real-time and visualised via smartphone website or app or via a website. Thereby every user gets personalised suggestions as well as feedback about the effectiveness of his or her savings. User can compare their progress in reducing CO2 emissions over a social media environment in a play- and joyful challenge.


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