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Project name:EWCR1 - Economics of Weather and Climate Risks 1
Project leader:

Franz Prettenthaler

Project team: Franz Eigner
Andreas Gobiet
Judith Köberl
Matthias Themessl
Christoph Töglhofer (Koordinator)
Markus Zahrnhofer
Partners:Hansjörg Albrecher (RICAM, ÖAW)
Dominik Kortschak (RICAM, ÖAW)
Elisabeth Koch (ZAMG)
Ernest Rudel (ZAMG)


Österreichische Nationalbank



This project aims to increase knowledge about the weather sensitivity of the Austrian economy and to foster a capacity building in managing weather and climate risks among stakeholders. Analysis of intra sectoral weather risks in vulnerable economic sectors will be done as well as an assessment of inter sectoral possibilities to transfer weather risks, either from one sector to an other, or to the capital market. Furthermore the institutional and regulatory framework is examined in order to identify improvement opportunities to increase efficiency in the market for weather risks in Austria. A communication platform will be created under the domain www.wetterrisiko.at , thereby allowing a transfer and exchange of knowledge with other Austrian research groups, weather sensitive enterprises and other stakeholders on the weather market.


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