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€CO-City Klagenfurt

Project name: €CO-City Klagenfurt - GHG-reduction in Urban Households and Districts in Klagenfurt by €CO2-manager and innovative infrastructure measures
Project leader:

Sebastian Seebauer

Project team:
Partners:Energie Klagenfurt
Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
Fichtner IT Consulting AG
Graz Energy Agency
Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture
Institute for Technical Informatics (Graz University of Technology)
Institut für Technologie und alternative Mobilität


Climate and Energy Funds, Fit4set (FFG)



The city of Klagenfurt is aiming to improve its GHG-balance significantly and therefore is working on a new vision and an adequate roadmap to implement a 50% GHG-reduction until 2020 in several selected districts of Klagenfurt and - until 2050 – a 90% reduction in the whole city. The key element to fulfil this idea is a further developed smart meter (a so called €CO2-Manager) which functions as an interface between the costumer and the smart grid giving all kind of information about the energy demand, the water supply and mobility activities of the costumers in order to calculate their GHG-emissions (which should influence consumer behaviour). Innovative infrastructure measures in the selected demo-sites will support the participating households and companies to save CO2 and receive CO2-certificates. This project will evaluate the feasibility of the planned demo project €CO2-City and also enable to establish a realistic road map for the City of Klagenfurt to achieve the ambitious goals mentioned.


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