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Project name:EISERN- Energy Investment Strategies and long term Emission Reduction Needs
Project leader:Reinhard Haas (Co-ordinator)
Karl Steininger (Wegener Zentrum)
Project team:Claudia Kettner
Andreas Türk
Partners:Energy Economics Group, EEG (Vienna University of Technology)
Institute of Transportation, Department of Civil Engineering (Vienna University of Technology)


Austrian Climate and Energy Funds

Duration:May 2010 - Apr. 2012


Policy actions and subsequent investments within the energy system are increasingly influenced by future emission reduction requirements. In this study, first, global and transregional climate and energy scenarios will be broken down to determine required GHG emission paths for Austria using a top down approach. Second, the necessary actions in the sectors housing and service, key industries, energy supply and transport will be determined. To do so, the contribution of applied technologies to these target paths including corresponding investment strategies will be assessed with a bottom up analysis of reduction potentials


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Picture: Türk, Andreas, Mag.

Türk, Andreas, Mag.


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