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Project name:ClimTrans - Greenhouse gas mitigation, Infrastructure and Transport
Project leader:Karl Steininger   
Project team: Sandra Berdnik
Brigitte Gebetsroither
Josef Hochwald
Institute of Internal Combustion Engines and Thermodynamics (TU-Graz)
Department of Economics (University of Klagenfurt)
Institute of Economic and Political Research (METIS)


Federal Chamber of Labour - Dept. of Environment and Transport
Duration:Dez. 2004 - Jan. 2006



The most effective transport related climate policy measures are identified, specified in detail and evaluated with respect to employment impacts, distributional impacts and greenhouse gas emission reduction potential. The project makes use of an input-output model for Austria (employment effects), the Austrian Spatial Passenger and Income Transport Modell (ASPIT, developed at WegCenter) for distributional and long-term impacts, and the global emission modell GLOBEMI (Technical University of Graz).


Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change

Brandhofgasse 5
8010 Graz

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8470

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