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Project name:Adequacy of Mitigation and Adaptation Options for a Case Study Region in Austria
Project leader:Franz Sinabell (overall responsibility)
Olivia Koland (WegCenter) 
Project team:

Alexandra Pack
Thomas Trink

Partners:Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO)


Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW)
Duration:Jun. 2007 - Oct. 2009



In this research project a scheme of mitigation and adaptation strategies for Austria is derived and assessed, given up to date forecasts on the likely outcomes of changing climatic conditions in Austria. Fostering the use of biomass to substitute fossil energy resources is at the focus of the present study. Given that climatic change will have an impact on the production capacity of biomass in Austria, the mitigation strategy boosting the production of biomass is potentially at threat. Adaptation to altered future conditions is therefore a central element of an overall strategy to cope with climatic change. In order to answer the question on how mitigation and adaptation strategies can be successfully interlinked, an Austrian case study is carried out. In a first step an attempt is made to estimate the socio-economic impacts of a shift in agricultural output from food to bio-energy production. This comprises the analysis of cross-sectoral effects of a bio-energy supply extension in a region in the south of Austria. In a second step we analyse how future climatic conditions (around 2050) will affect the biomass production capacity. Results will provide a basis to gain more insight on how mitigation and adaptations strategies have to be combined given a specific regional setting in order to minimize the overall economic costs of climate change.

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