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Project name:ESA-ProdexCN2 - Radio and Optical Occultation: EGOPS6 System Development
Project leader:Gottfried Kirchengast
Project team:Gottfried Kirchengast
Johannes Fritzer
Michael Pock
Josef Ramsauer (2007)

Team Support and Advice:
Barbara Pirscher
Michael Borsche
Florian Ladstädter
Susanne Schweitzer
Ulrich Foelsche
Andrea K. Steiner
Partners:Michael Gorbunov (Institut for Atmoshperic Physics, Moskau, Russland)
Christian Retscher (NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, USA)
Sponsor:ESA (European Space Agency)



 The ProdexCN2 project comprises four main aims: 1) Integration and development of end-to-end radio occultation (RO) simulation (both GRO, GNSS-LEO RO, and LRO, LEO-LEO RO) and real RO data processing into a single joint system, 2) Integration of end-to-end simulation of optical LEO-LEO infrared laser occultation (LIO) with radio occultation (LRO and GRO) for all new LIO developments, where in particular the integration of LIO with LRO retrieval processing system elements is challenging at system development level, 3) Upgrades for seamless use of space-to-ground modeling in addition to the space-to-space modeling both in the forward and observation system modeling parts, in order to allow simulation of signals for space-to-ground demonstration setups similar to those for full space-to-space setups, 4) At S/W system level streamlining of the EGOPS S/W interfaces to a simplified and more generic system, especially of input and output data I/Fs for the simulated and processed occultation profile data, complemented by an automatic test suite already utilizing these improved I/Fs.

The scientific-technical work for implementing the four main aims summarized above is performed within the following four main work packages (WP 1 is Project Management):

    WP 2 – EGOPS5 master and EGOPS5 derivatives integration (aims 1 and 2),
    WP 3 – Update and harmonize space-to-ground link modeling (aim 2 and 3),
    WP 4 – Update and streamline EGOPS file I/Fs and graphical user I/F elements (aim 4),
    WP 5 – EGOPS system control, testing, and documentation (aim 4 and integrating WP).

An EGOPS6 User Requirements Document (URD), providing detailed requirements for the S/W, serves as the key reference for the S/W functionality to be achieved by the work.

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr.rer.nat.

Gottfried Kirchengast

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8431

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