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Completed Projects

Completed Projects of the ARSCliSys-Research Group
(completed past 1 Mar 2005/start Wegener Center)

RT#1 - GNSS radio occultation for climate monitoring, diagnostics, and processes

  • NEWCLIM – A New Method for Generating Radio Occultation Climatologies
  • CLIMRECORD – Reference Climate Record from Radio Occultation for Tracking Climate Change and Evaluating FY-3 and Spire New Missions
  • ATROMSAF1 – Austrian Federated Activity with the EUMETSAT ROM SAF Consortium during the CDOP-3 First-half Period
  • EOPCLIMTRACK – Evaluation of Reference Occultation Processing Excess Phase Data for Preparing Climate Change Tracking
  • AROSA - Assimilation of Radio Occultation from Commercial Satellites over Austria
  • VERTICLIM - Atmospheric Vertical Structure and Trends in Climate Data
  • OPSCLIMVALUE - Value-added Products and Validation of Occultation Processing System Re-processing Data for Climate Monitoring
  • OPSCLIMPROP - Occultation Processing System for Cal/Val and Climate: Level 1 Processing with Integrated Uncertainty Propagation
  • OPSCLIMTRACE - Occultation Processing System for Cal/Val and Climate: Advanced Key Algorithms and SI-traceable Processing
  • OPSGRAS - Reference Occultation Processing System for GRAS on MetOp and other Past and Future RO Missions
  • MMValRO - Multi-Mission Validation by Satellite Radio Occultation + Extension
  • DYNOCC - El Niño Dynamik und Auswirkungen mittels Radiookkultation
  • SysSon - A Systematic procedure to develop Sonification
  • Consyder -CONvective Systems DEtection and analysis using Radio occultations
  • Benchclim - Benchmark-Klimatologien mittels Radiookkultation
  • TRENDEVAL - Klimatrends und Modelevaluation mittels Radio-Okkultation (RO) 
  • AV-BENDAPP - Feasibility of generating long-term RO refractivity climatologies without using statistical optimization
  • BAROCLIM - Bending Angle Radio Occultation Climatology: Further development of BAROCLIM and implementation in ROPP
  • CLIMROCC - Climate Monitoring with Radio Occultation Data (abgeschlossen Dezember 2009)
  • INDICATE - Indicators of Atmospheric Climate Change from Radio Occultation (abgeschlossen Juni 2009)
  • CHAMPCLIM - Radio Occultation Data Analysis Advancement and Climate Change Monitoring based on the CHAMP/GPS Experiment (abgeschlossen März 2006)
  • START-ATCHANGE - Advanced Spaceborne Sounding and Climate Modeling for Atmospheric Change Analysis (abgeschlossen Dezember 2005)

RT#2 - Climate and hydrology change monitoring and analysis at regional-local scale

  • WEGDEMO - Demonstrationsprojekt WegenerNet Klimastationsnetz Region Feldbach (abgeschlossen Dezember 2009)
  • PP-WegenerNet - Pilotprojekt WegenerNet Klimastationsnetz Region Feldbach (abgeschlossen Dezember 2007)

RT#3 - Support next-generation global observing system for monitoring the climate

  • AEXPWIND – Trace Gas Retrieval and Performance of Wind and Greenhouse Gas Profiling in the IRDAS-EXP/ACCURATE Context (abgeschlossen März 2014)
  • ACCU-Clouds - Preparing a Key Dimension of ACCURATE Climate Utility: Cloud Sensing and Greenhouse Gas Profiling in Cloudy Air (abgeschlossen März 2011)
  • IRDAS-EXP - SWIR Long Range Differential Absorption Experiment for Trace Gas Measurements (abgeschlossen Juni 2011)
  • ACTLIMB - Study of the Performance Envelope of Active Limb Sounding of Planetary Atmospheres (abgeschlossen September 2010)
  • IRDAS - Differential Absorption Spectroscopy in the SWIR for Greenhous Gas Monitoring using Coherent Signal Sources in a Limb Sounding Geometry (abgeschlossen August 2010)
  • ACCURAID - Aid to ACCURATE Climate Satellite Mission Preparations (abgeschlossen Mai 2007)
  • ACEPASS - ACE+ Phase A Scientific Support Study/LEO-LEO Occultation Characterisation Study (abgeschlossen April 2005)
  • ACECLIM Climate Impact Study (abgeschlossen April 2005)

RT#1 and RT#3 Joint system development for occultation and climate analysis

  • ESA-ProdexCN2 - Radio and Optical Occultation: EGOPS6 System Development (abgeschlossen Juni 2009)
  • EOPSCLIM - End-to-end Occultation Processing System and Climate Monitoring Service: MetOp GRAS and ACCURATE Integration (abgeschlossen Mai 2008)
  • ESA-ProdexCN1 - Advanced Topics in Radio Occultation Modeling and Retrieval (abgeschlossen Mai 2007)
  • ESA-Prodex - Preparation of the EGOPS Software for the Inclusion of Galileo Signals (abgeschlossen Juni 2005)

Complementary projects - other occultation techniques and advanced IR sounding

  • GADEM - Galileo Atmospheric Data Enhancement Mission (abgeschlossen Juni 2007)
  • MULTICLIM - From CHAMP towards Multi-Satellite Climate Monitoring based on the METOP and COSMIC Missions: Fokus IASI on METOP (abgeschlossen November 2007)
  • GOMOS-HRTP - Development of Algorithms for the Estimation of High Resolution Temperature, Pressure and Density Profiles from GOMOS (abgeschlossen Juni 2006)

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