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Freitag, 03.02.2023

Empfehlung für freies Wahlfach aus der Klimaforschung

Das Wegener Center für Klima und globalen Wandel hat im Sommersemester 2023 eine Lehrveranstaltung im Angebot, die zwar in keinem Curriculum verankert sind, die den Studierenden aber spannende Kompetenzen vermitteln kann. Als freies Wahlfach empfehlen wir daher:

Kurs Dynamical Downscaling and regional climate modelling with CCLM

  • Current weather prediction and climate research mainly rely on numerical meteorological models. Both branches make use of highly resolved models in order to simulate complex physical processes - either to predict weather for the upcoming days or to calculate the state of the climate in advance of the upcoming 100 years. But how do these models actually work? What are they capable of? How can the output of the models be analysed and visualised? After a thorough introduction of the model CCLM, the students are instructed (via a hands-on course) to conduct, analyse, and visualise their own simulations on the Austrian High-Performance-Cluster, the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC; vsc.ac.at). CCLM (www.cosmo-model.org; www.clm-community.eu) is a professional weather and climate model that is used by numerous weather services and climate research institutes worldwide.
  • This course welcomes all students (preferably of master's courses) that focus on natural sciences. Basic knowledge in meteorology and mathematics is of advantage, basic knowledge in Linux and a scientific coding language, like Python, R or similar is expected.
  • Montag, 17:00 – 18:30

Die Anmeldung startet am Montag, 06. Februar 2023.

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