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Peer-reviewed publications

Tobin, I., S. Jerez, R. Vautard, F. Thais, E. van Meijgaard, A. Prein, M. Déqué, S. Kotlarski, C. F. Maule, G. Nikulin, T. Noël, and C. Teichmann
Climate change impacts on the power generation potential of a European mid-century wind farms scenario
Environmental Research Letters, 11, 034013, 2016

Bugmann, H., T. Cordonnier, H. Truhetz, and M. J. Lexer
Impacts of business-as-usual management on ecosystem services in European mountain ranges under climate change
Regional Environmental Change, 2016

Maule, C. F., T. Mendlik, and O. B. Christensen
The effect of the pathway to a two degrees warmer world on the regional temperature change of Europe
Climate Services, 2016

Ballesteros Cánovas, J. A., M. Stoffel, C. Corona, K. Schraml, A. Gobiet, S. Tani, F. Sinabell, S. Fuchs, and R. Kaitna
Debris-flow risk analysis in a managed torrent based on a stochastic life-cycle performance
Science of The Total Environment, 557–558, 142–153, 2016

Maraun, D.
Reply to “Comment on ‘Bias Correction, Quantile Mapping, and Downscaling: Revisiting the Inflation Issue’”
Journal of Climate, 29, 8669–8671, 2016

Maraun, D.
Bias Correcting Climate Change Simulations - a Critical Review
Current Climate Change Reports, 2, 211–220, 2016

Schneider, J., J. Stangl, H. Truhetz, S. Fieger, G. Harb, and O. Sass
Monitoring of erosion and of sediment transport in the river Schöttlbach (Styria) with respect to climate change
Journal of Torrent, Avalanche, Landslide and Rock Fall Engineering, 177, 60–72, 2016

Volosciuk, C., D. Maraun, V. A. Semenov, N. Tilinina, S. K. Gulev, and M. Latif
Rising Mediterranean Sea Surface Temperatures Amplify Extreme Summer Precipitation in Central Europe
Scientific Reports, 6, 32450, 2016

Mendlik, T., and A. Gobiet
Selecting climate simulations for impact studies based on multivariate patterns of climate change
Climatic Change, 135, 381–393, 2016

Mendlik, T., G. Heinrich, A. Gobiet, and A. Leuprecht
From climate simulations to statistics - Introducing the wux package
Austrian Journal of Statistics, 45, 81, 2016

Selected further publications and reports of the Center

Chimani, B., G. Heinrich, M. Hofstätter, M. Kerschbaumer, S. Kienberger, A. Leuprecht, A. Lexer, S. Peßenteiner, M. S. Poetsch, M. Salzmann, R. Spiekermann, M. B. Switanek, and H. Truhetz
ÖKS15 – Klimaszenarien für Österreich. Daten, Methoden und Klimaanalyse
Wien, Österreich, Studie im Auftrag der Bundesländer und des BMLFUW, 2016

Mendlik, T.
Statistical Tools to Quantify Uncertainty of Dependent Climate Change Projections from Multi-Model Ensembles
PhD thesis, University of Technology Graz, Graz, Austria, 2016

Herbsthofer, L.
Using the Froude Number to Evaluate Modelled Flow-Above and Blocked-Flow Situations in Complex Terrain
Master Thesis, University of Graz, Graz, Austria, 2016

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