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Year 2019

Peer-reviewed Publications, Book Chapters, Books

Babcicky, P., and S. Seebauer
Unpacking Protection Motivation Theory: evidence for a separate protective and non-protective route in private flood mitigation behavior
Journal of Risk Research, 1–18, 2019

Bachner, G., J. Mayer, and K. W. Steininger
Costs or benefits? Assessing the economy-wide effects of the electricity sector’s low carbon transition – The role of capital costs, divergent risk perceptions and premiums
Energy Strategy Reviews, 26, 100373, 2019

Borsky, S., and K. Kalkschmied
Corruption in space: A closer look at the world’s subnations
European Journal of Political Economy, 2019

Borsky, S., and C. Unterberger
Bad weather and flight delays: The impact of sudden and slow onset weather events
Economics of Transportation, 18, 10–26, 2019

Komendantova, N., T. Schinko, and A. Patt
De-risking policies as a substantial determinant of climate change mitigation costs in developing countries: Case study of the Middle East and North African region
Energy Policy, 127, 404–411, 2019

Mayer, J., G. Bachner, and K. W. Steininger
Macroeconomic implications of switching to process-emission-free iron and steel production in Europe
Journal of Cleaner Production, 210, 1517–1533, 2019

Nabernegg, S., B. Bednar-Friedl, P. Muñoz, M. Titz, and J. Vogel
National Policies for Global Emission Reductions: Effectiveness of Carbon Emission Reductions in International Supply Chains
Ecological Economics, 158, 146–157, 2019

Unterberger, C., P. Hudson, W. J. W. Botzen, K. Schroeer, and K. W. Steininger
Future Public Sector Flood Risk and Risk Sharing Arrangements: An Assessment for Austria
Ecological Economics, 156, 153–163, 2019

Weisz, U., M. Balas, P. Nowak, P. Wallner, P. Groß, F. Allerberger, D. Becker, M. Bürkner, A. Dietl, W. Haas, N. Knittel, G. Maric, C. Pollhamer, M. Radlherr, D. Ram, K. Raunig, T. Thaler, T. Widhalm, and M. Zuvela-Aloise
Kapitel 4: Maßnahmen mit Relevanz für Gesundheit und Klima
in Austrian Panel on Climate Change (APCC) (Hg.): Österreichischer Special Report Gesundheit, Demographie und Klimawandel (ASR18), ÖAW, Wien, 157–235, 2019


Selected further publications


Trieb, C., S. Borsky, and G. Kirchengast
Klimawandel und Migration: Wie Klima und Wasserprobleme bei Flucht und Wanderung mitwirken
Wasserland Steiermark, 6–11, 2019


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